Business System Software for the Apparel Industry
Footwear & Apparel Management (FAM) is the multi channel business system solution for the footwear, fashion and apparel industry. An apparel ERP software solution that can help you effectively manage your business.
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"Until recently we relied upon many different pieces of paper and processes to complete a customer’s order. We would manually hand write/type everything from purchase orders, order confirmations all the way through to delivery notes. In addition to this we would then have to input the orders onto sage in order to generate an invoice. Not only was this extremely time consuming, but it also allowed for data to be misinterpreted and lost between processes. It was at this stage we found and adopted FAM as a complete system and are now successfully using FAM for every aspect of our production and back office, ordering and invoicing processes. It has saved us a huge amount of time and because it also links seamlessly with Sage software we are now spending less time chasing paper and more time generating orders. In conjunction with other company initiatives FAM has helped us reduce our production lead time by 3 days and ensure all information from start to finish is 100% accurate."
Nick Howell, Corporate Togs